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Archive for January 2016

When a “Last Stock Standing” Falls

A sure sign the top is in. Plus: When these numbers head south, recession is “just around the corner.” And: David Stockman’s “next major U.S. stock to crash,” revealed Read More

Janet Yellen’s Security Blanket

Stocks and gold have opposite reactions to the Fed, as if the Fed knew what it was doing! Also: More evidence the Fed is “tightening into weakness”
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Plain Speaking and Peak Debt

The language of Davos: Whatever it is, it’s not plain English. Plus, straight talk from David Stockman: “We are at peak debt”. And: Market shock one day away? Read More

Economic Booby Traps

A ridiculous rally: Two pitiful reasons to bid up two major stocks. Plus, subprime auto loans: Another symptom of the “too much stuff” economy Read More

The Next Crisis No One’s Talking About

The bill comes due for corporate America’s debt binge. You’ll feel the impact of the 2016 corporate bond crisis — even if you don’t own corporate bonds Read More

Watch Out for “Inter-temporal Smoothing”

Suddenly, global elites wake up to a phenomenon Stockman warned about… but they have to give it a funny name
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Precious Metals That Pay “Interest”

Buffett is wrong: Precious metals can generate an income stream. Plus: A shaky Thursday rally… and a shock that might arrive next Thursday Read More

Lemons Into Lemonade

An ugly day in the markets turns up a double-your-income opportunity. Plus: Founder of world’s biggest hedge fund affirms Rickards’ big 2016 forecast Read More

Saudi and China, Sittin’ In a Tree…

Not just falling oil prices: Why Saudi Arabia hates the Iran nuclear deal so much. Saudi king’s pivotal meeting today: Prelude to the “Great Currency Shock”? Read More

The Most Important Minute of Your Day

Market-moving news set to break at any time… Read More