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Archive for January 2019

The Fed’s (Gold) Chain Reaction

“One of the most successful investing strategies of all time is to follow the Dogs of the Dow,” says our income and retirement specialist Mike Burnick. Read More

The Truth About Earnings

“There’s always a game when it comes to earnings,” says our Nomi Prins. And she would know, from her days working for the vampire squid. Read More

2019: A Tale of Two Halves

“I think the early part of 2019 could look a lot like the market’s start to 2016,” says Agora analyst Greg Guenthner. Read what that means for the market going forward.

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Global Elites Feeling Panicky (Uh-Oh)

Amid much noise in Davos last week was a chilling warning that should have been front-page news everywhere. Read More

Government Acting As Referee (Literally!)

Besides, doesn’t the government have, umm, more pressing issues to resolve at the moment? Read More

“Merger Mania”: Less Than a Month Into 2019

“When the buyout market heats up,” says our income specialist Zach Scheidt, “things get active very quickly!” Read why 2019 might be a year of incredible buyout opportunities. Read More

Fear Not the Robot

History is chockablock with dire forecasts of how new technology would put the masses out of work. Read More

AOC Puts Billionaires on Notice

One thing James Altucher says billionaires are very good at is anticipating the near future. Read More

Like the Reagan Boom (but Way Faster)

“Superconvergence” moments don’t come along often… but when they do, the gains can be life-changing.
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Ready to Fork Over Your “Fair Share”?

From the start we’ve been struck by how — like Donald Trump — AOC manages to offend so many of the power elites who’ve run America into the ground. Read More