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Archive for February 2023

“What Happened To America?”

“What Happened to America?” we questioned… And our readers really took that question to heart. Read More

Russia Dodges a “Nuclear Weapon”

We return today to the matter of blowback from Washington’s hubris-fueled economic sanctions targeting Russia Read More

“A Ship With No Captain” (America and Inflation)

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says: “The fact is we lost a little bit of control of inflation.” Read More

Unglued: East Palestine

There’s something about the train derailment/toxic disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, that’s unglued Americans… Where did that come from? Read More


Even before Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine in 2022, Jim Rickards spelled out why Western sanctions wouldn’t topple Russia’s economy. Read More

The Feds’ Epic File of All Your Trades

The Securities and Exchange Commission is about to launch a massive database of every stock trade. Read More

The Next Level of the Green New Scam

It’s profoundly telling that “climate denialism” would prove to be Malpass’ undoing — not his horrendous history of botched economic forecasts. Read More

Al Gore, Investing Supergenius

Former Vice President Al Gore is coming face-to-face with his own “inconvenient truth”: Eco-sustainability plus capitalism is… complicated. Read More

Russia’s “Tet Offensive” Starts Now

Even the mainstream admits a Russian winter offensive is underway now… And Jim Rickards says American investors are woefully unprepared. Read More

Top 5 Stocks to Hate

On Valentine’s Day, Paradigm’s income-and-retirement authority Zach Scheidt declares a handful of stocks he loves… to hate. Read More