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Archive for November 2009

The “Dububble” Pops, Systemic Risk, China’s Gold, Sectors to Buy and More!

Dubai bubble pops… a frontlines report on this sudden debt crisis. Who else stands to lose? Dan Denning on the systemic risk rotting inside Dubai. China gives gold a nod… hints at new purchases, says demand is soaring. Shoppers muster Black Friday sales growth… why traders are selling retail stocks anyway. Plus, booms amid the global bust: Indian GDP, American steel and Asian garlic… Read More

Gold’s Latest Record, Faber’s Prison Play, FDIC’s Confessions, The Entrepreneur’s Lament, and More!

Another record high for gold… The 5 picks apart mainstream pooh-poohing. What Marc Faber would do if he were going to prison for 10 years. FDIC reveals how broke it really is… “Problem bank” list grows one-third. The strangling of the American entrepreneur, courtesy of Treasury and the Fed. Towering monument to consumer-credit excess opens just days from now… Read More

Bonds Issue a Warning, Bill Bonner’s Dow Targets, The AIG Mess, Hiding Gold and More!

Bond market blasts warning: The correction is coming. Bill Bonner on selling your stocks… and when to consider buying them back. Government admits the obvious: Bailing out AIG was a mistake, except for Goldman Sachs. Dan Amoss reveals what will soon be “the riskiest” sector to own. Plus, suspicious readers unite! The 5’s inbox filled with tips on hiding gold. Read More

Betting Against the House, A Sector to Short, Retail’s Role in the Recovery and More!

Dollar disaster: National debt, 60 Minutes, NY Times and credit default swaps all team up against the greenback. Chris Mayer & Germany’s Finance Minister lay out more reasons to own some gold. Dan Amoss’ short target for the next leg of the faux recovery. Retailers pinning hopes on Black Friday… will shoppers show up? Read More

“Audit the Fed” Moves Ahead, Gross Says Buy This Sector, Investing in Heavy Stones and More!

Ron Paul’s HR 1207 dead in its tracks… but “audit the Fed” seems more likely than ever. So much for the housing recovery… new research shows 1 in 7 mortgages in hot water. Bill Gross with a sector to buy in these uncertain times. China looks to corner more worldly markets: Red nation gobbles up tungsten… and Namibia? Plus, why your safe-deposit box is perfectly safe… but only if you live forever. Read More

Washington’s Warning, Gold ETF Taxes, Own Your Own Stadium and More!

Obama warns of debt, “double-dip recession”… how China has turned the tables on Washington. Byron King issues sell recommendation on this legendary U.S. blue chip. Are gold ETFs taxed like stocks or collectibles? Frank Holmes on the surprising answer. Sign of the times: Famous Detroit mega-stadium sells for less than a luxury condo… Read More

Improper Payments, Dollar Decoupling, Goldman’s Big Gift, Net Convergence and More!

Incredible White House admission: “Sorry, we lost track of $100 billion.” Bill Bonner on gold’s quiet decoupling from the U.S. dollar. Goldman Sachs goes Mother Teresa… The 5 and Doug Casey comment on their latest charity. Patrick Cox on how Net convergence is causing one industry to rise, another to fall. Plus, blame Democrats for housing fiasco, a reader writes… our response, below… Read More

FAS 167, Picking Gold Miners, Bernanke & the Dollar, Affording Our Wars and More!

by Addison Wiggin & Ian Mathias One spark that could set Wall Street ablaze: Dan Amoss on FAS 167 Gold soars, but not all gold miners follow… Chris Mayer’s harsh truth for the gold diggin’ industry Bernanke defies convention, talks… Read More

2010 On Track for Record Deficit, FHA Spills the Beans, Goldman Works for God and More!

by Addison Wiggin & Ian Mathias Government issues Friday the 13th scare… 2010 fiscal year on track for ANOTHER record deficit Who’s buying our debt? Chris Mayer offers a surprising chart and sober forecast FHA spills the beans… audit reveals… Read More