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Archive for May 2010

About BP’s “Obscene Profits”

“On the 40-yard line”… Our assessment of the oil spill “top kill.” Markets stalling… Rob Parenteau on the “denial game” coming to an end. Private pay falling, public “benefits” rising… Bill Bonner on where it all ends. On the subject of “obscene profits”… a storm of BP mail hits The 5’s inbox. Read More

Manic Market, Innovation Cycle, Alzheimer’s Blockbuster, Reader Outrage, and More!

Why Mr. Market is going manic… Oh, to be 28-years-old again: How one company is aiming to make it happen… The “innovation cycle” in a down economy… The Alzheimer’s “blockbuster”… dial an organ… and a cure for deafness… Our “detachment from all that is decent”… readers outraged by our take on BP… our candid response. Read More

$13 Trillion, $1200, $220, and Other Important Figures

Coincidence? National debt tops $13 trillion, gold tops $1,200. The chart that says gold has only begun its epic bull market. $220 oil? The military orders that could push oil to the breaking point. Caffeine, Alzheimer’s disease and the research that could fund your retirement. Readers hurl “BRIC bats” in the mailbag. Read More

Flight to Safety, China’s Forex Play, Gold Bazaar, Eagle Demand, and More!

Dow back below 10,000… What’s different about 2010’s version of the “flight to safety.” Trading dollars for real assets: China confirms persistent rumors about forex reserves. Inside China’s bullion bazaar… and the reasons everyday Chinese are rushing to gold. Update on the U.S. Mint Gold Eagle sales confirms record monthly pace. Readers write: Hyperinflation, 401(k) confiscation rumors… Read More

Momentum Reversal, Guru’s Fears, Gold Demand, Housing Horrors and More!

“A complete reversal of market momentum” … Dan Amoss on how to play it. Why one longtime value guru is “more worried” than he’s ever been in his career. Another housing statistic that must be seen to be believed. Reflections from China: One perspective on why the property “bubble” is nothing like the bust in the U.S. A BRIC country’s looming election… and two plays that’ll perform no matter the outcome… and more. Read More

China Housing Bubble Swells, U.S. Housing Busts (Again), Stocks Enter Correction and More!

The 5 explores many bubbles: The housing bubble in China still forming and two that just popped again in the U.S. — housing and stocks. Read More

Our Perspective From China, Canada vs. U.S., Behind Today’s Stock Selloff and More!

The Great Wall, automatic weapons and you… Canadians come calling in Beijing… why China’s a more attractive customer than Uncle Sam. Another big U.S. sell-off… The “unexpected” numbers behind it. Readers scold us on naked short selling, silver market manipulation… we attempt to clear the air. Read More

Germany Bans Reason, An Update from China, Fixing Social Security and More!

Since it worked so well before: Germany bans short selling… what’s to follow. SEC, Alan Knuckman assess the aftermath of the recent “flash crash.” Bill Bonner on the market that could “lead the world into a return of the Great Correction.” And who could have seen this coming? Congress announces possible tax hikes and benefit reductions for Social Security… go, Team America! Read More

Paging Dr. Copper, A Long Term Investment Opportunity, Front Lines China Perspectives and More!

Dr. Copper offers dismal diagnosis… popular metal slips into bear market. Chris Mayer reveals “one of the great investment opportunities of the next decade.” Nations of the world flee to American Treasuries… one surprising country that’s increased U.S. bond holdings nearly sevenfold. Frank Holmes on how much (and what kind) of gold you should own right now. Plus, Addison’s first hand report from the Beijing gold market. Read More

The Rise of Asia, The Fall of the Euro, A Silver Forecast and More!

The first dispatch from our Chinese investment expedition. Market issues vote of no confidence for global debt crisis… our thoughts, and target prices, for the euro. Bill Bonner on why some fiscal rescues work… and why Europe’s won’t. Which nations (or states) are next? Two charts weigh in. “What about silver?” a reader asks. Our latest take on the “poor man’s gold”… Read More