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Archive for July 2010

Soft-Core Deflationism

About that Treasury rally, and how long it could go on. How to invest wisely no matter what the economy is doing. Housing numbers: Some skewed by tax credit, some not… Guess which ones sparked a stock rally? Advice for the unemployed college grad: India on $10 a week. Read More

Great Power Shift

The U.S.-China power shift… 20 years into a 50-year process? Marc Faber on where we stand after a “colossal misallocation of capital.” The chart that shows stock valuations still above their long-range average Rothschilds, Financial Times catching onto Chris Mayer’s Brazilian farmland story. Bringing the troops home: Reader continues debate started by Doug Casey in Vancouver. Read More

Optimism and Opportunity Abound!

Could the BP spill be… good? Marcio Mello, Byron King offer rare perspective on the Gulf crisis. More optimism hits the Investment Symposium… opportunities from Patrick Cox and Frank Holmes. Euros conduct bank “stress tests”… your guide to analyzing the results. Plus, the age-old question: Gold or gold miners? Read More

Actionable Advice from This Year’s Investment Symposium

Feds spend hundreds of billions on banks, again… Doug Casey on fixing our broken government. The age-old question, answered: When to buy and sell stocks? Two more bull markets raging on in China: IPOs and mining stocks. Plus, a 5 Min. exclusive: “Trades of the Decade” from an elite list of Symposium speakers. Read More

Two Charts Every Investor Should See

One “secular bull market” still very much alive, despite the global recession. Two charts for the ages… a trend so powerful we dare not bet against it. Barry Ritholtz and Dan Amoss forecast the future of U.S. housing. Plus, an off-the-radar commodity set to soar. Read More

The Trade of the Decade is Off!

Trade of the Decade Update: Short U.S. debt at your own risk! Chris Mayer and Frank Holmes identify TWO “cheap” buying opportunities. A contrarian call for the rest of 2010: Brace for a housing rebound. Plus, will the jobless go hungry? Senate in stalemate over benefits extension. Read More

A Government Sponsored Bull Market… Right Here In Vancouver!

The 5: Live from Vancouver… reports from our annual Investment Symposium below. Another government-sanctioned bull market emerges: Chinese tourism in Canada. Byron King updates the Gulf disaster: How the leak closure is just the beginning for BP. Plus, our man for the 2010 Senate… John Mauldin on when the “really important election” will come. Read More

The Real Trade of the Decade… Redux

A follow-up to the “real” Trade of the Decade: 140,000% in April, another 1,900% now. The “Goldilocks economy” redefined by Fed economists… who say this economics stuff is hard. Checking real-world economic stats — rail traffic, state tax receipts. As we prepare for Vancouver conference, media mogul advises we don’t come back. The ghost of George Steinbrenner looks down upon 5 readers debating estate tax. Read More

The Ultimate Sucker’s Rally

A 24% probability of default, and buyers can’t get enough… The ultimate sucker’s rally. Fed’s talk of “policy stimulus” drives down dollar, stocks. Pairing up… How “binary options” can goose your currency gains. BP prepares to cap well; offshore drillers flee the Gulf to places their business is wanted. Readers take us to task for our “effrontery” on estate taxes. Read More

When to Buy and Sell Gold

The importance of contrarianism: Stocks stage remarkable rally, despite lousy economy. Alan Knuckman offers new S&P resistance and support targets. Time to sell gold? Bill Bonner & Frank Holmes offer sober assessments. Chris Mayer unveils his latest BRIC investment opportunity. Read More