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Archive for October 2010

The National Debt Recalculated

The $200 trillion national debt: Why an old prediction has new legs. Investment world goes “a little crazy”… How to brace for Election Day, Fed decision. Not just the usual suspects: Foreclosure pace picks up outside the “sand states.” “The clown made me do it!”… Employee successfully blames McDonald’s for obesity. “Hypocrites!” a reader cries… and our reply. Read More

About Those “Strong” Sales

Auto sales “strong”? The 5’s reality check… and the reason oil prices will rise anyway. Anticipating the Fed’s “ZombiPonzi” — Ponzi schemes for zombie banks. Head-slapper: Fed asks the banks how much quantitative easing they want. “Bond king” calls the end of the bull market in bonds. Tough sell in a tough real estate market: A 216-acre island. Read More

“You Have Fire Drills”

Worrisome Mideast developments… A return to triple-digit oil prices? The Great QE2 Letdown: After six weeks of buildup, traders start fretting about the Fed. Supreme Court to decide whether we’ll ever learn who the Fed bailed out in 2008. Politician dies, market celebrates… reader food fights (“punks,” “cowards”)… and the zombie attack that wasn’t… Read More

The New Sheriffs, Reconsidered

How the “New Sheriffs of Wall Street” are taking cues from Barney Fife. Fearless “consumer watchdog” becomes a Fed lapdog: How to profit from a looming regulatory debacle. Uh-oh… the White House sees “make-or-break event” for the dollar in 16 days. “Inflation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy”… the wackiest TIPS auction ever. “Acceleration Alley” slams on the brakes, and other signs of a faltering recovery. Read More

The Killer of Drillers

How Bernanke’s clone is killing U.S. offshore drilling… despite the “lifting” of the ban. Drilling neglect at home means opportunity overseas… New developments in the oil kitchen. Goldman puts a price on “QE2”… Would you believe $4 trillion? The chart that bodes ill for tomorrow’s Case/Shiller home price report. Readers sound off on China’s rare earth maneuverings, reply to the query, “How’s business?” Read More

The Embargo

Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland: A roundup of rare earth news in the wake of China’s U.S. embargo. Fast-food and cereal companies agree… Time to raise prices. Chris Mayer issues the cry Paul Revere can’t: “Inflation is coming.” Why quiet markets are holding their breath today. Reader mail: Business owner sees recovery, Canadian sees market failure, and a complaint about… the Madoff auction?! Read More

Japan, Germany Make Their Move

The rare earths chessboard: Japan, Germany make moves after China’s export ban to U.S. Now they tell us: Fannie and Freddie bailout costs to double. Bernie Madoff’s slippers and other fine collectibles. Pulling dead horses out of the mailbag… Why readers can’t stop talking about Social Security. Read More

China Lowers the Boom

China’s lowers the boom: why you should care. The dirty secret behind the “rare earths” ban… and how to invest successfully in the sector before it’s too late… Yesterday’s market trends reverse — dollar down, everything else up… another GUDD day in the markets… 47 billion clouds over Bank of America, but FDIC chief’s gotta wear shades… Cancer-fighting “smart bombs”… the reader debate that won’t die… and more fun with presentations! Read More

A Really Bad Day

Iraqi prime minister’s balancing act… Prelude to much higher oil prices. Here we go… Dollar up, everything else down… The 5 unpacks why. Power grid overdue for massive upgrade… and the technology that’ll make farseeing investors rich. World’s worst tourism gimmick: Vinegar-chugging contest. Readers go toe-to-toe over the “e-word” – entitlements. Read More

The New “Cold” War

Return to the battle for Arctic oil: What does Putin mean by maintaining a “zone of peace”? The “other” 20-bagger Arctic investment idea… far from any conflict zone. Treasury dithers on China, and Poof! miraculously shrinks the 2010 deficit. Countrywide saga nears end: Mozilo slithers away with $67.5 million fine. World’s fourth-richest man moves into his 27-story spread. Read More