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Archive for September 2013

The Day the Economy Stopped (Yeah, Right)

“Economic shutdown”… because “government shutdown” doesn’t scare anyone! Plus… Why the budget dispute will be resolved by Friday Read More

Revolution Time

The War on Small Business, cash edition. Plus: Why the NSA might consider you one of America’s “adversaries” Read More

Face Scanning, Chinese Drones and Millions in Losses

Yes, you’re being watched: The feds’ latest Minority Report scheme. Plus: Spotting cyber profits as hackers probe the Pentagon “thousands of times a day” Read More

Too Many Doomsdays

A new budget-battle deadline induces sleep at The 5. Plus: The real reason Ted Cruz can’t stop Obamacare Read More

From Business Class to Burger-Flipping

September 24, 2013 Some retirement: At 77, former corporate exec works the grill at a golf club The newest frightening retirement stats, and how you can avoid being one of them Income investments punished: Neil George on why it can’t… Read More

Wrong-Way Bicycles and Spoiled Children

Riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the freeway: Elmerraji’s colorful analogy comes at the perfect time. Plus: The Fed must taper… but it can’t! Mayer, King, Amoss all weigh in on the central bankers and their “spoiled children” on Wall Street Read More

When Penalties are Preferable

Snoozing at Obamacare headlines: How about news you can use? “Opting out” of the Affordable Care Act: A step-by-step guide Read More

“Wrong Every Time”

After his dead-on “no taper” call in July, Jim Rickards helps The 5 look ahead. Plus… If the Fed’s next move is “data dependent,” what do those data say? Read More

Suspended Animation

A dimming outlook: Lowered expectations for third-quarter earnings. Plus… 27% of Americans await the taper announcement; and what of the other 73%? Read More

The 21st-Century Doomsday Club

Profit opportunities as a British brain trust aims to stop doomsday in its tracks. Plus: Postcard from Argentina… where a crackdown on truth-telling economists has resumed Read More