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Archive for April 2014

The Sky Is Falling, and We Don’t Care

The new red scare: Why we’re yawning at the “China surpasses U.S.” news. Plus: As the Fed prepares its latest announcement, The 5 makes sense of its last one Read More

When Shareholders Revolt, You Win

Blockbuster drug’s back story: Judgment day, 36 times a year. Plus: Hard to pronounce… easy profits of 118% every 90 days Read More

Cash in from Big Panic in Big Pharma

How prescription drug commercials have nearly killed Big Pharma. Plus: The one thing Pfizer, Merck and the rest must do to save themselves… and how to position your portfolio in advance Read More

The Ultimate Win-Win

Doing well by doing good: The $80 billion battle against cancer. Plus: Amazon swoons, because suddenly profits matter. And: The chart that could drag the United States into a major war Read More

Beware the Summer Swoon

Stocks stand still: Prepare for the “meat grinder,” Guenthner warns. Plus… Bear slaughter: Why Apple and Facebook are delivering — and embarrassing the naysayers Read More

Poison Pills and Baby Bubbles

A short history of poison pills… and how to profit on the back of an “activist investor”. Plus: Who’s left to buy now? David Stockman on the end of the baby housing bubble Read More

Shareholders Kick Down the Gates

The “Wall Street Rule” repealed… and your chance to seize the moment. Plus: A sector where foolish investors can’t resist buying high and selling low Read More

Flash Trades and Trash Indicators

A surefire indicator the market is due for a huge fall… But wait! Another surefire indicator says stocks are still undervalued (Yes, we’ll make sense of it, we promise) Read More

Beating the Flash Boys

Office Space meets Wall Street: How HFT is intercepting your trades… and why… Most of the bargains on Wall Street have been snapped up… but, here’s why they aren’t too expensive to buy… Read More

Whatever Happens, Don’t Call it Fraud

Our journey into the heart of silly season: Accounting glitches and convenient “missteps”… Moore’s law is dead? The silicon wall threatening constant innovation… Read More