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Archive for August 2015

ISIS’ Golden Weapon?

ISIS makes a propaganda video featuring… who?! The globe’s most infamous terrorists take on the Federal Reserve. Read More

The Freaky Friday Episode

A cautionary tale of the police-militarization era. Plus: Trading glitches, missed paychecks, an absent Janet Yellen. And… the month an emerging-markets crisis hit U.S shores: What to do now Read More

A Grizzly Episode of The 5

Bears, bears and bears, oh, my! Plus: The “income index” spikes. And: In search of natural resource 100-baggers Read More

Time to Reach for the Dramamine?

The VIX more than doubled over the past week, rising 118%, according to the folks at Crain’s. And no wonder — with the Dow down a thousand here, up a few hundred there, down several hundred again over there. If this be investing, most folks would rather stuff their money in the mattress. Who has the stomach for it? Read More

Make Volatility Your Friend

Whipsawed: Down 588, then up nearly 300. Plus: How to make market volatility your friend — to the tune of $3,166 Read More


Dow collapses 1,000 points, stages recovery. Blame China? Blame the Fed? Maybe the explanation is simpler. Read More

Losing Steam by the Minute…

“It doesn’t sound nearly as scary as a death cross. But I’m much more interested in the 17,170 level on the Dow than any death cross (it briefly broke below that mark early yesterday before its afternoon comeback). That’s the Dow’s February low — and where a potential Dow theory sell signal would occur. Read More

The Real Reason Gas Prices Haven’t Fallen Much

Refiners are enjoying a 60% decline in the cost of oil, and they have had to take only a 26% haircut on their gasoline sales. With the price of oil dropping significantly more than the price of gasoline, refiners are enjoying wider profit margins on every gallon of gas produced.
No wonder the refiners are sitting in the catbird seat. They’ve got rocketing demand for their product coupled with mile-wide profit margins on every sale they make.
Read More

Another Casualty of the Currency Wars…

Japanese cars look cheaper than Korean cars to a buyer in Australia, so Japan gets the sale and Korea does not. Likewise, Chinese buyers paying in yuan will think twice about buying from Korea when the strong won makes the price that much higher to the Chinese consumer. Read More

The Wild Ride to 100 Baggers

How Apple became a 100-bagger long before it became the world’s biggest company. Plus: Do you have what it takes to hold onto a 100-bagger all the way? Read More