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Archive for September 2015

Very Dangerous, Maybe Disastrous

Awaiting the moment someone yells “Fire!” in junk bond ETFs: Merrill Lynch, S&P, Icahn all sound a warning you read here in January Read More

In Search Of “Amazing Value”

Biotech is dead… Long live biotech! Plus: Housing isn’t dead… but it’s looking a little sickly. And: Where are all the startup jobs? Read More

“Volatile and Trending Down”

More Fed rate-raising chatter… and the chart that shows it’s all a bluff. Plus:
If the Fed stays put, then what? Rickards looks ahead
Read More

Idle Threats

The next “partial government shutdown” — a threat or a promise? Plus: Janet Yellen as a reluctant hostage taker. Also: Rickards says Fed might ease… and it has five ways to do so Read More

Bulldozers, Biotech and Banksters

Three reasons Caterpillar is kicking 5,000 people to the curb. Plus: Biotech on the cusp of a bear market… but not if you choose wisely. And bankster logic: The economy doesn’t suck, because iPhones Read More

Your Six-Month Outlook

What the Chinese president said… and what he meant. Plus Jim Rickards on the state of play between China and the U.S…and why the next six months will feel much like the last six Read More

“Generic Bioequivalence” and Outrageous Profits

The real story behind the $13.50 pill that’s now $750, and the investing takeaway the financial media won’t tell you Read More

Last Chance At the Steal of the Century

The real estate steal you couldn’t get in 2012… only now we’ve found a back door in 2015, and it’s not too late Read More

Lost Faith

Cheap money doesn’t buy prosperity? Say it ain’t so! Plus: After the Fed punts, now what? Jim Rickards and Chuck Butler weigh in Read More

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Was China’s stock crash an act of American financial warfare? Should you worry about China dumping U.S. Treasury debt? Are potential 100-baggers suitable in a retirement account? And what if Canada closes the “piggybacking” loophole? Read More