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Archive for December 2015

A Taxing (and Seditious) Episode of The 5

It was 250 years ago: The tax protest that today would be labeled a terrorist act. Read More

Three Free Stock Picks!

Boo-birds abound for Apple, but today, you’ll learn why it’s a buy. Meanwhile, a proven pick from 2012 is a favorite for 2016. Also: The giant that “belongs in every portfolio” Read More

The Financial Monster that Ate Everything

The trouble with “financialization”: Is a $14 trillion debt tsunami really $20 trillion? Read More

Revenge Against the Dividend Cutters!

If earnings are weak, why are companies still raising dividends? Plus… How to pull down income even when companies cut their dividends Read More

Race for the White House

The outcome of the 2016 presidential election shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any investor who follows politics knows that a new president can have an immediate impact on the market. But armed with this report, you’ll be ahead of the game no matter which candidate ascends to the White House. Read More

The Zimbabwean Yuan

The country that once redefined hyperinflation is now ditching the dollar. Plus, the next victim of the currency wars: Are you exposed? Read More

The “Impossible Trinity”

A deeper dive into China’s “stealth devaluation” this month. Plus, the “Impossible Trinity”: How Jim Rickards saw China’s move coming Read More

Cancer Screening Made Easy and Profitable (Time-Sensitive Opportunity)

The inexact science of early cancer detection… and one simple test that could change everything. Plus: Why Chris Mayer isn’t buying into the market’s Fed obsession. And: China’s “stealth devaluation” and the resulting market turmoil Read More

Profiting From the Frugality of Others

How to make money when other people pay down their debt. Plus, “post-Fed letdown” deepens: Rickards on what the Fed will do next, and when. Read More

Post-Fed Letdown

Everybody exhale: Aftermath of the Fed decision. Plus: If seven years of low rates can’t generate inflation, what can? And: “Honey, I blew up the deficit!” Paul Ryan’s inflationary gambit Read More