Race for the White House

With less than a year before the 2016 presidential vote, the race for Commander in Chief is reaching a critical juncture.

Currently, polls are showing Donald Trump as the clear favorite for the Republicans, with Carson trailing in second.

In the Democrat camp, Hillary Clinton is enjoying a slight edge over Bernie Sanders.

Now, the outcome in 2016 should not be taken lightly.

Any investor who follows politics knows that a new president can have an immediate – and sometimes violent – impact on certain stocks.

Consider what happened after George W. Bush declared his “War on Terror” in 2001.

Defense-related companies like General Dynamics Corp. (GD) jumped 31% in just a few months. The company’s profits tripled between 2001 and 2006.

Some infrastructure companies bounded higher, too. Halliburton Co. (HAL) climbed 24% higher within a month – and would continue to climb over 300%.

Or what about Bill Clinton’s laser focus on education? During his two terms in the White House, he increased spending on education technology by over 3,000%.

Companies like Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) ratcheted 2,002% higher as a result.

That’s why I wanted to provide full coverage of the race for the White House for True Alpha Members.

Robert Williams

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