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Archive for April 2016

Social VR, a Falling Dollar and the Real Apple Story

Virtual reality gets a unique stamp of credibility… and a new growth benchmark: From $700 million in a year to $1.1 billion in two months Read More

The Enforcer Strikes Again

Bank of Japan shocks the world (but not readers of The 5). Plus, the Shanghai Accord, two months on: What’s next for the dollar? Read More

Income That’s “Locked In”

Stress: CEOs in a dying line of business air their dirty laundry in public. Plus: Ten-bagger opportunity from 2009, available again in 2016
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Where NOT to Collect Investment Income

Wall Street’s newest innovation: Securities backed by cellphone contracts! Plus: As investors “reach for yield,” we unveil a once-in-seven-years income strategy Read More

Marking Time Till Obama Leaves

The commies had 5-year economic plans… The Saudis have 15! Introducing the reckless power behind the Saudi throne… and a coming currency shock Read More

When Slower Sales Are a Good Thing

Corporate Twitter accounts and Big Media both stumble in honoring Prince. Plus: Why lower sales growth is great news for one sector. And: Gold is following a script written five times since 1970 Read More

Boulevard of Broken Retirement Dreams

Nothing like this has happened to defined-benefit pensions in 40 years. Plus: Only nine days to act before Social Security breaks another promise
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An “Adult” Episode of The 5

Yeah, we’re gonna go there today: Virtual reality porn. How erotica has blazed profitable trails before… and history is bound to repeat Read More

The Tax “Jubilee” of 2016–17

How corporate income taxes got so screwed up… and what “reform” will probably look like Read More

The $750 Billion Threat From America’s “Ally”

No oil production freeze? Say it ain’t so! Plus, Saudi princes vs. 9/11 widows: Guess whose side Obama takes. And, the Saudis’ empty threat to dump U.S. assets… and what they’ll do instead Read More