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Archive for June 2016

The Virtual Savior

VR Jesus: You too can have a front seat for the Sermon on the Mount. Plus: Gold shines, but silver’s stealing the show. And: A unique class of people who made money amid last Friday’s carnage Read More

“Perilous Times” and Projection Bias

The U.S. economy’s vulnerability to shocks, Jim Rogers on Brexit, and the Fed’s fruitless quest for inflation (in the amount the Fed wants) Read More

A Case of Brexit Fatigue

One reader tired of Brexit, another tired of Rickards… But here come the next aftershocks from the Brexit quake Read More

Are You Feelin’ Pitchforky?

Pulling a Paulson: The new face of Sunday-night market panic. Plus, will a post-Brexit “rescue” by central banks bring out the pitchforks? Also: The problem with “predictions” markets, continued Read More

Brexit: Anatomy of a Successful Trade

51.9% of British voters give the Establishment the one-finger salute, and the Establishment flips out: Dow tanks, gold soars. We reveal how the elites blew it… and Jim Rickards led readers to a money-doubling gain Read More

SPECIAL EDITION — “Black Friday” Warning

It’s not only Rickards invoking 2008 as “Brexit” looms: Why markets will move tonight before the outcome is known… and what you can do now. Read More

Rickards agrees with George Soros: A “Leave” vote could set off a market panic…

“Leave” and lose your job: With British polls in a dead heat, the “Remain” camp resorts to fear tactics. Meanwhile, Rickards agrees with George Soros: A “Leave” vote could set off a market panic. But what if the vote goes the other way? We present a win-win way to play it
Read More

“Ricochet Theory” and an “Asymmetric” Profit Opportunity

The false confidence of Wall Street and the City of London before the “Brexit” vote… and how to play it Read More

Ground-Floor Opportunity

“A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch an industry at the beginning”. Plus: Hard-core drug warrior opens up to medical marijuana research Read More

Millions from Mary Jane and Microsoft

If Microsoft just gave its blessing to marijuana businesses, can Uncle Sam be far behind? Plus: Gold, government bonds and guessing the mindset of Boobus Britannicus Read More