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Archive for September 2016

Is It Really 2008 Again?

And so it begins: Hedge funds bail from Deutsche Bank, just like with Lehman in 2008. The 5 explores how the next crisis will be different… and how it won’t be Read More

D-Day Minus One

The media tries — and fails — to make sense of China and “world money”: We show you what really happens at 4:00 p.m. EDT tomorrow — and what exactly you should expect Read More

The Truth About the Dollar’s Destruction

Gold goes nowhere for three months, down today — now what? And if the Fed raises rates in December, is that the end for gold? Read More

The Most Important Thing No One Said During the Stupid Debate

As we expected, Hillary pulls the Putin card: We offer a reality check. Plus, Putin’s next move, certain to blindside both Clinton and Trump — but not you
Read More

The Next Shoe to Drop in Global Banking

Banks drag markets down, led by faltering German giant. But here’s the wild card with Deutsche Bank no one else is talking about Read More

Has the U.S. Military “Gone Rogue”?

Is the U.S. military defying the commander in chief’s orders? While Washington chases Russian ghosts, Putin prepares the next volley in the currency wars Read More

Russian Plots, Phony and Real

Got an ingrown toenail? #BlamePutin. Silly accusations distract from a genuine Russian plot to attack the dollar. Read More

Does Your Performance Leave Something to Be Desired?

The funny thing about investment “performance”: Today, The 5 reveals the most important thing to keep in mind about a guru’s track record, and a rare chance at better-than-Buffett results Read More

Yes, Everything Is Awful. Buy Stocks Anyway

How to make money in stocks even if we’re headed into a new bear market: Chris Mayer explains how big money was made during an epic bear cycle of our own lifetimes… and how you can pull it off in the next cycle Read More

Take One Step and You’ll Never Fear Volatility Again

Another big swing in the Dow, another chance for outsized income payments. Plus: How the aftermath of the Panic of 2008 might sow the seeds of the next crisis
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