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Archive for November 2016

The Trump of Italy and the Next Big Shock

Brexit, Trump… and now Italy? Rickards on the next political earthquake Plus, a swamp-draining update: Goldman scores another Treasury Secretary Read More

Medicare’s Latest Raw Deal

For Medicare’s unlucky 30% of enrollees, another double-digit rate increase. Plus: “Reality intrudes” on the market’s Trump bump Read More

The Truth About “Fake News” and “Useful Idiots”

Stockman smeared as Putin’s useful idiot by anonymous “experts”. And if you dissent from conventional wisdom, you’re a Putin stooge too… Read More

How a Guy Who Wrote an Econ Textbook Might Destroy Your Retirement

A pointy-headed academic theory that could wreck your retirement: Can your account handle a 50% drop? Read More

Is This the End?

Will Trump crack down on states that legalize marijuana? Plus: A company that’s booked $10 million in sales despite a federal raid
Read More

Shockingly Mellow Election Numbers

A pox on both houses: Major-party voter turnout down from 2012 and 2008. And in at least three states, voters more motivated by pot than the presidency Read More

Why “Trumpflation” Might Not Happen

“Trumpflation” in the new president’s first 100 days… but the Fed might unleash deflationary forces that foil his plans Read More

When Government Decrees Your Cash Worthless

Rickards on the bizarre side effects of India’s bank note ban. Plus: Three sectors that were rallying before the election — and still are Read More

The Great Dollar Shortage: An Update

Fed whistles past the graveyard: “No dollar shortage here.” Jim Rickards says yes there is… and the consequences could be devastating Read More

If Something Doesn’t Feel Quite Right…

Calm before the storm: Stocks near records, consumer spending hot. But what’s up with foreclosure filings and upside-down auto borrowers? Read More