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Archive for December 2016

One Word, Billions of Dollars

Congress takes the word “limited” out of a law it passes every year… opening the door for “virtually unlimited spending”: Grab your share Read More

Making the Empire Pay: The Next Chapter

Yes, America is an empire. And “making it pay” is an even more profitable proposition now Read More

Trump’s Nukes… and Rickards’ Newest Project

Why defense turned big profits even as Obama “gutted” the military… and why those profits will grow even as Trump berates defense CEOs
Read More

Time-Travel Investing

How you could have bought Microsoft in 2003… at 1995 prices: Triple- and quadruple-digit gains with blue chips trading as penny stocks Read More

Miracles Made Real

Miracle cures: Years in the making, now becoming real Read More

Government Clears Way for a “Miracle”

Yes, for once the government got out of the way… Read More

Angry Anti-Trumpers, Happy Consumers

Angry retweets as an act of postmodern dissent. Plus: Why consumers feel flush going into the holidays… and how it can translate into an instant “Christmas cash” payment Read More

Broken Pension Promises, and You’re On the Hook

The phony math that gussies up corporate pension plans…and why it matters to you even if you don’t rely on such a plan Read More

Will Yellen Kill “Trumpflation”?

Will Yellen give Trump nightmares for the next four years? Rickards on what to do in all the major asset classes now Read More

Trump and the Avalanche

Even if we avoid “stagflation,” Trump still faces the avalanche. Plus, a snowflake update: What’s up with Deutsche Bank? Read More