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Archive for January 2017

Gold’s Great Month — Just the Beginning

Trump talks dollar down… and gold up. Plus: Regulatory rollback is good for small business… but something else would be even better Read More

Taking Trump Seriously But Not Literally

Is Trump really responsible for today’s market freakout? Silicon Valley confronts “regime uncertainty” (like the rest of America)

Read More

Why You Should Ignore Trump’s Tweets

Why you must ignore short-term media noise for investing success. Plus, you heard it here first: GOP’s circular firing squad gets into formation Read More

“A Highly Tradeable Event”

Nicotine, mental illness and the quest for a breakthrough drug. Plus: How NOT to play dividend stocks — avoid! Read More

Dow 20K? We’re Moving On Already

The suspense is over: Dow 20K arrives. The 5 goes in search of opportunities that will thrive no matter what the Dow does Read More

How To Stumble Into WWIII

Hillary’s China policy becomes Trump’s… and a tiny spark could set off a war Read More

How Trump Plans to Upend Pharma

How an overreaction to “thalidomide babies” stifled 50 years of drug innovation… and how Trump might be about to change everything Read More

It’s Morning In Trumpmerica

Rickards on what to expect from Trump’s first 100 days: “Action”. Plus, gold up 4.6% year to date: Why that’s just the beginning Read More

The Next Trump Story That Will Catch the Mainstream Flat-Footed

We already anticipated the “Trump bump” stalling out: Here’s what’s next Read More

Rickards’ Payment From a Mystery “Trading Company”

In an alternate future, Hillary strikes a mega-deal with China. But in our own present, Trump and China are on a collision course: How Rickards’ payment for a speech revealed China’s desperation Read More