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Archive for May 2017

5 Min. Forecast – “The Passion Gap”

Is red tape really stifling American innovation? Or are aspiring entrepreneurs falling back on excuses?
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Death by Alzheimer’s

A shocking increase in Alzheimer’s death rates, and a new drug set to become a difference-maker. Plus: The Fed won’t be happy with these inflation numbers
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Stopping an “Evil Twin”… Before It’s Ever Born

Science races to treat cancer with… electrical fields. Plus, gold rises, and not because the dollar falls: What’s going on?
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The Baby Boomers’ Salvation

An industry that attracted more capital in the first quarter this year than all of last year: How cannabis could arrest spiraling health care costs
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When “Multiple Bubbles” Are About To Burst

Can we top “the most boring financial crisis in history”? Plus, Moody’s downgrades China: Moody’s isn’t telling even half the story
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“Inflicting Maximum Pain and Damage”

Cyberattack on the power grid: A terrorist attack far more devastating than a shooting or bombing
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Knocking Down a Gold Myth (Again)

Gold and interest rates: The myth that won’t go away. Plus: Economy now its least worst in two years, even in rural America. And, the president’s Saudi change of heart: Is it the arms or the Treasuries? Read More

The Fed Smashes Several Records at Once

The investment that returned 30% a year for 33 years — thanks to the Fed. Plus: The asset on track to outperform $10,000 gold
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“Peak Political Hysteria”

The “Trump is doomed” market freakout: A one-day wonder? Rickards weighs in. Plus — the marijuana biz converges on D.C., while lawmakers move to give them a break
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Wall Street’s Big Ugly Reality Check

You heard it here first: Stocks tank on gridlock fears. Plus: How Wall Street totally blew it expecting a “retail revival” after 2008
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