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Archive for November 2017

The Spooky Bitcoin Message From the Future

The spooky Reddit post from 2013 that forecast $10k bitcoin in 2017. Plus James Altucher’s interview this week that forecasts $1 million bitcoin in 2020 Read More

How You’ll Know When Bitcoin’s In a Bubble

No more qualifiers: Bitcoin crests five figures. And no, it’ s not in a bubble — here’s when you’ll know it is Read More

Bitcoin On the Brink

Bitcoin busts through $10,000 (with an asterisk): A crucial bitcoin update for anyone worried they’ve missed out. Read More

Who’s the Boss?

Trump is the target of a lawsuit with some “English” on it. Plus: The new reality of banking regulation… and how to play it Read More

The Death of the IPO

What’s this? An IPO that’s not skinning investors alive? Plus: The eye-opening reasons fewer companies bother going public Read More

“Peak Crypto”

Wall Street dumps on cryptocurrency because… what?! Plus, compelling evidence we’re in the boom phase of the boom-bust cycle Read More

The Senate’s Screw Job

Senate “tax reform” hoses your investments, but not the big boys’. Plus: Earthshaking crisis in Germany? Markets shrug it off Read More

The Shifting Landscape of Pot Stocks

Pot stocks up close, live from Las Vegas. Plus, the boom before the bust: Manufacturing and housing solid, and a record art sale Read More

High Upside, Limited Downside (Only 2 Weeks)

Come and get it: An “asymmetric” gold trade. Plus: Your own personal “squawk box,” just like the trading pros Read More

Getting “Sentimental” About Stocks

After an up, up, up 2017… is investor sentiment about to turn? Plus: Here comes another whiff of inflation. And: Small business regains its mojo Read More