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Archive for December 2022

The $50 Billion Black Hole

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2022 retrospective — looking back on the Paradigm Press editors’ big calls at the start of the year. Everything is fair game… Read More

2022 Report Card (Part 1)

Today we look back on some of the Paradigm editors’ big predictions for 2022 — both the ones they got right and the ones where they missed the mark. Read More

Green Energy’s Bait-and-Switch

We revisit the energy crisis in Europe, including Switzerland’s contingency plans… Meanwhile, Jim Rickards reports on a “litany” of oil-and-gas constraints. Read More

The Deep State: JFK, Gold, Nazis and Nukes

While Biden released “most” of the remaining records on the JFK assassination, 4,300 records are still off-limits… What else is the deep state hiding? Read More

The American Dream Isn’t Dead

“While the data on homebuilders is sobering,” says Zach Scheidt, “it points to higher home prices ahead, even if they’re pulling back a bit today.” Read More

Who Snitched? (Privileged Information)

Somebody made a lot of money on Tuesday morning… because somebody else gave them access to privileged information. Read More

“When the Crash Comes, It Will Be Epic”

The fate of the markets for the rest of 2022 and into 2023 hinges on an obscure bit of terminology known as “the terminal rate.” Read More

The Mainstream Misses the Point

Yes, inflation has peaked… But no, that’s not the point. Read More

Brace for Impact

The Fed has embarked on a dozen or so rate-raising cycles since the end of World War II. Only once did it perform a “soft landing”… Read More

The Dollar Downshifts

“The dollar’s shift lower opens some great opportunities for investors who understand currency dynamics,” says retirement-and-income specialist Zach Scheidt. Read More