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Archive for March 2023

Careening From Crisis to Crisis

If the bank crisis isn’t over, then the Fed remains stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place — because inflation is slowing at a glacial rate. Read More

No Holds Barred (RESTRICT Act)

After Dave deftly defended TikTok yesterday, we (partly) untangle the Gordian knot that is the RESTRICT Act of 2023 Read More

In Defense of TikTok

The Chinese smartphone app TikTok is the impetus for a moral panic taking American leaders down a very dark road. Read More

Backlash! (Biden Bucks)

“The push toward central bank digital currencies (CBDC) is well underway in all advanced economies,” says Jim Rickards. Read More

Cancer: $250 Billion up for Grabs

A cure for cancer “requires more than solving an engineering problem,” says Ray Blanco, “it needs a scientific breakthrough.” Read More

Dead Bank Walking

Is this The End for Deutsche Bank, or just another act in a never-ending drama? Read More

“This Is Bigger Than the Fed”

It’s as if the Fed is mashing the accelerator and stomping the brake at the same time. Read More

SPECIAL AM EDITION: Bracing for Fed Impact

We’re coming to you much earlier than usual today… because you need to be ready for whatever shoe drops from the Federal Reserve at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Read More

The Biggest Mistake Investors Should Avoid Today

: “The biggest mistake any investor can make right now is to believe that the banking crisis is over,” Jim Rickards says. Read More

Financial Crisis + Recession = The Last Drop

Nothing like a little “global coordinated action” to make it feel like the spring of 2020… or the fall of 2008. That is, a full-blown financial crisis. Read More