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Archive for December 2013

Two Maps That Matter in 2014

Cleared for takeoff: 2014 as the year of civilian drones. Plus: Eye-popping map of the U.S. points to a revolution going worldwide next year Read More

If Privacy Doesn’t Matter, Profits Do

How the NSA breaches your “secure” email and corporate firewalls alike. Plus…
Why the president is likely to slam an NSA “back door” shut: Profits ensue from “Obama’s secret war”… Read More

Avoid a Bubble, Make Big Money

The b-word, applied to a sector that’s been on fire all year: The thinning of the biotech herd… and how to make the big money next year Read More

Holiday Disaster?

Awful holiday retail? Blogosphere hype laid bare by a UPS/FedEx “glitch”. Plus: What happens when cybercriminals hack into a 3-D printer? Read More

Resisting Progress Since 1913

“Profits for Wall Street while impoverishing Main Street”: The Fed’s ignominious anniversary. Plus: Where Jim Grant finds opportunity despite the Fed’s machinations Read More

40 Million Card Numbers… and “Obama’s Secret War”

Cybersecurity meltdown: The mess at Target throws the spotlight on a shadowy conflict. Plus, gold surrenders $1,200: Is a bear squeeze in store after Christmas? Read More

Staving Off Withdrawal Pangs

Bernanke the heroin supplier lowers the hammer, but not too much. Rickards on the real reason the Fed opted to taper. A highly profitable recommendation from the president’s NSA reform panel. Gritting your teeth through the post-2009 “recovery”… and a better alternative. Gold struggles onto $1,200… pushing the bounds of the Presbyterian standard… a money-doubler in barely a month… and more! Read More

“An Army of Robotic Workers”

Wildcat, Cheetah, Atlas: Google’s game-changing robotics play. “Does Google envision an army of robotic workers who don’t need health care and 401(k) benefits?” Read More

The Doomsday Chart

Why a highly touted chart does not spell the end of the world… and Chris Mayer on a “neat trick” that will change everything you know about credit creation Read More

What a Fool Believes

The “income inequality” crowd: Not socialists, just fools, a reader suggests. Plus, too poor to profit from the Fed, too rich to avoid the “fools”: What to do? Read More