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Archive for May 2016

Making Sense of Gold’s Recent Weakness

Dollar up, gold down… but Rickards says the Shanghai Accord is alive and well, and the Fed is “playing with fire” by chattering about a rate increase Read More

The Key to World Peace: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is finally coming into its own. And it will change the world in ways few people currently foresee. Read More

Anyone Who Says to Buy Treasuries Is an Idiot

Bust out the champagne — good economic news! Anyone who says to buy Treasuries is an idiot A quiet day on Wall Street Is oil heading down again? Science explains Trump’s lies… being chastised for running a bogus government stat…… Read More

Mining Fortunes With the M.I.D.A.S. Touch…

Jim Rickards is a monetary expert and economist, not a geologist. So to identify the best mining stocks that should outperform physical gold as it climbs to $10,000 an ounce, he found an expert geologist to separate the wheat from the chaff. Read More

Gold: The Ultimate Deflation Hedge

Conventional wisdom holds that gold protects against inflation. But history shows that it is also the best hedge against severe deflation. Read More

The Four Factors Driving Gold Prices

Jim Rickards says gold is heading to $10,000 an ounce. But he says there are four factors driving the short-term price of gold investors should pay attention to. Read More

$10,000 Gold: How We Get There

From $1,250 now to $10,000 later: When central bankers choose gold because they have to Read More

Jim Rickards Is Looking Lonesome

Did the Fed just bury the Shanghai Accord? Jim Rickards says no: Five reasons dollar weakness (and gold strength) is still in play
Read More

Is the “New Cold War” on Hold?

Nuclear war with Russia in a year? For now, the war danger has been suspended… delivering an unusual profit opportunity Read More

Forbidden Gold

Dissing gold as the preferred currency of drug dealers and terrorists. Plus: The real story about “gold confiscation” and a windfall profits tax Read More