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Archive for March 2017

Dispatches From the War On Savers

The Fed is raising rates… so why are CDs and savings accounts still awful? Plus, counterintuitive wisdom: Rising rates don’t threaten the stock rally
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The Feds Don’t Care About Cyber-Defense [PROOF]

Feds spend nine times as much on cyberoffense as cyberdefense: The real scandal behind this month’s WikiLeaks revelations

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“Medical Refugees” and Life-Saving Lawbreakers

In which a mom gives her dying child a cannabis extract. Plus: Russia steps up “de-dollarization” plans.
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Canada’s Canna-biz Bonanza

Legal cannabis explosion: California in January, then Canada six months later Plus, signs that pot is already a bigger business than booze
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Wall Street Gives Up on Trump (Really?)

Cue the end-of-the-world headlines now that “repeal and replace” is dead. We explore how the death of Obamacare reform could be a blessing in disguise — for Trump and the market
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Trump’s Obamacare Defeat Paves Way For Bigger Victory

After the failure of Obamacare repeal-and-replace, Trump moves on to his next big priority — which is far more doable. Here’s the story behind a $2.5 trillion pile of money he wants to redistribute.
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We Don’t Care About the BIG Obamacare Vote

The Obamacare vote today doesn’t matter… because a development in medical science could soon change everything
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The One Thing Trump Can Still Pull Off

What happens if Obamacare repeal doesn’t happen? Here’s the one thing Trump can get done this year, and Dems will go along.
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One of Investing’s Most Dangerous Words

109-day Wall Street streak in jeopardy: The trouble with betting on a stock-market correction right now
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Gold’s Irresistible Forces in 2017

Gold should have fallen last week. Here’s why it rose $30 instead. Plus: Mining experts agree: Global gold production peaking now, supply can only tighten Read More