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Archive for January 2018

There, That Wasn’t So Bad, Was It?

Stocks: What goes up (well, you know the rest). Plus, the most profitable play from the State of the Union (6 stocks to watch) Read More

What Happened to the “Biggest Quarter Ever”?

Stocks sell off, and suddenly the Apple critics start carping. Plus, the problem with saying, “The bond bull market is over” (even now). Read More

The Great Apple Countdown

The earnings announcement of the century: Here’s what we know about Apple’s cash plans… and what will shock everyone Read More

Nutella, Marijuana and a Dollar Farce

Two words: Nutella riots. Plus, new catalysts for penny pot stocks — April 1 and July 1 Read More

Gold and the Davos Dollar Dunk

Here’s a Donald Trump-Jimmy Carter comparison you won’t like… but it’ll be great for gold! Read More

Rickards’ Crypto Shocker

Still down on bitcoin, butnoton second-gen blockchain: Rickards discovers a cryptocurrency that solves the “trust” issue Read More

It’s Not the Money, It’s What You Do With It

Tim Sykes: Despite appearances, it’s NOT “all about the Benjamins.” Plus, Trump launches China trade war, with a surprise twist Read More

These People Will NEVER Help You Get Rich

Introducing a rogues’ gallery of the penny-stock world…

…or as Tim Sykes would rather call them, scumbags Read More

Sessions’ Pot Crackdown Will Blow Up In His Face

Pot raises the stakes… by $132 billion and 1 million new jobs. Plus, Sessions’ reefer madness backlash: Is marijuana Trump’s “silver bullet”? Read More

Sometimes, Sales and Profits Don’t Matter

Tim Sykes’ mindset: Trading, not investing. It’s all about the hype — when unprofitable companies are profitable stocks Read More