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Archive for November 2019

Serving up Tax Strategies…

“There are many ways that the rich make a lot of money and pay little to no money in taxes,” says Robert Kiyosaki, “and anyone can use them.” Read More

The End of Social Security As We Know It

Whatever the details, the result of Democrats’ 2020 tax proposals would be the end of Social Security as envisioned by its architects back in the 1930s. Read More

The Bloomberg Blitzkrieg

But let’s back up a moment: How did Bloomberg become — according to Forbes — the eighth-richest American, with a net worth of $54.4 billion? Read More

Don’t Commit These Retirement Mistakes

Read how: “Filing for Social Security is one of the most important things to understand right now if you want… a successful retirement,” according to retirement specialist Beau Henderson. Read More

Apple Inc.’s Mango Groves (Huh?!)

When George Gilder decided to return to the newsletter biz after a decade’s hiatus, he sought to reacquaint himself with what the mainstream was reporting about his specialties — innovation and entrepreneurship. He did so to remind himself of his mission — to find the real story, off the beaten path, the story where the real riches are. Read More

The “Totally Manipulated” Market

“Wall Street is dominated by algorithms and high-frequency traders,” says iconoclast investor James Altucher. But that actually creates opportunities for retail investors. Read More

De-Dollarization: The Next Chapter

While de-dollarization is an evolutionary, not revolutionary, process, it could spell good things for gold between now and next spring. Read More

The Deep State Is Even Scarier Than You Think

Donald Trump is not the first president to tangle with the deep state. We daresay the deep state has been defying the orders of elected presidents for more than 70 years. Read More

The Single Asset This Pro Will Buy

Trading veteran Alan Knuckman says: “These days, I feel like there’s only one trading instrument that’s worth my time and money.” Read More

Who’s Afraid of a Little Socialism?

The most vocal self-described “democratic socialists” point to the Nordic countries as a model to follow. If only we Americans were so lucky! Read More