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Archive for December 2019

Our “Seditious” Words, Four Years Later

Might the day come when even describing the Stamp Act protests of 1765 is considered incitement to a terrorist act? Read More

No Profits? No Problem. (Until Now)

None of this would have happened were it not for the Federal Reserve. The Uberized world is one gigantic hairball of malinvestment. Read More

“Economic Policeman” Cracks Down

We return — however reluctantly — to the topic of financial warfare and de-dollarization. Read More

Minus Apple and Microsoft

In 2019, just two stocks are precipitating all-time highs for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Read Jim Rickards’ take on the “undeniably fragile” market. Read More

We Told You So… But Did You Act?

Someone hauled in more than $2.4 million in pure profit from the trade-war news that broke last Friday. Read More

Economic Warfare: U.S. Allies Go AWOL

There’s a lot to unpack here. Especially when it comes to the “collateral damage” from this sort of warfare. Both overseas and here at home. Read More

Gut Check

The 5 revisits a question we explored more than six months ago: What if the next recession and bear market are still several years away? Read More

Bailout Culture: On the Hook for State Pensions

“Imagine a pressure group, 19 million strong, seeing their future flash in front of their eyes,” said our founding editor Addison Wiggin in 2012. A state pension fund crisis is closer than you think. Read More

Two Bullets Dodged (What About the Third?)

The drop-dead date for new tariffs on Sunday is off the table… and so apparently is another drop-dead date we were concerned about. With the market dodging two bullets we saw coming, the third doesn’t matter. Read More

Climate Change and the New World Order

“Climate change is a convenient horse for elites to ride in the implementation of a new world order,” says our Jim Rickards. Read More