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Archive for October 2013

China Has the Drone

October 31, 2013 Attack in Beijing: The eerie incident anticipated 24 hours in advance by Byron King “China has the drone”: What it means, and how to invest Markets suffer “post-Fed letdown” What happens when Wall Street discovers the Fed… Read More

Soviet Technology, American Prosperity

The “miracle water” that scrubs everything from oil wells to hospital walls: How you can make filthy capitalist profits from a commie discovery Read More

Short Memories, Rare Opportunities

2008? Ancient history! $3.8 billion of mumbo jumbo… and a far better place to put your money Read More

Being Right or Being Happy

Not The 5’s imagination: Occupiers and tea partiers join forces! Plus, S&P 500 holds near record high: How much “pain” can people take? Read More

Return to Bedlam?

The shock that will hit 23 million American households next Friday. Plus… Is 80 the new 65? Debts building up faster than retirement savings Read More

Crude Crushed, Saudi Snit

A royal diss from Saudi Arabia, while in Washington, “delusions of imperial omnipotence die hard”. How to invest as the geopolitical chessboard shifts again Read More

Showdown at Quantum Dawn

Wall Street’s cyberattack dry run… and how the NSA hopes to hijack it. Plus: Following the money to the next wave of cybersecurity profits Read More

The Scariest Virus Ever

Truth stranger than fiction: The plot to hack the vice president’s pacemaker. Plus… How medical devices can be all too easily hacked: Racing to stay one step ahead of the hackers Read More

A Stealth Tax Increase

The upfront Obamacare tax… and a hidden one. Plus: Was last Thursday gold’s turning point? And: Curse this sector all you want, but it’s on a roll Read More

“The Number You Are Calling…”

Our lack of foresight, your chance to benefit. Plus: “Capital controls”? The 5’s skeptical eye toward both the scaremongers and the official line Read More