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Archive for April 2015

"They Don't Have the [Expletive Deleted] Money"

The ruins of the great American shopping mall, and what’s really killing midmarket retailers Read More

Two Types of Catastrophe

The Federal Reserve’s doomsday bunker — which likely couldn’t survive doomsday. Plus:
A slow-motion Fed catastrophe, affirmed with numbers released today
Read More

The World After "FoGu"

The most important Fed meeting in years, and we don’t mean the one that started today. Plus, a farewell to “forward guidance”: Two scenarios for the next round of currency wars Read More

A Surreal Feeling of Helplessness

Watching on live TV from hundreds of miles away, as vandals come within four blocks of your editor’s home. Plus: Meeting the preppers who were “too sensible” for reality TV. And… Silver bars and solar panels: File them both under “hard assets” Read More

Why Did George Bush Buy Nearly 300,000 acres in Paraguay?

The real reason George W. Bush bought land in Paraguay. Plus, Jim Rickards isn’t just focused on currency wars. Read More

The Invisible Elephant

The 543rd “critical” deadline for Greece since 2010… and the elephant in the room many “experts” still don’t see Read More

Two Tiers of American Justice

This is the guy who’s taking the fall for the “flash crash”? Also: Two systems of justice for two types of perps Read More

The New "Big Short"

The leading edge of a $14 trillion debt tsunami approaches, and the Fed is clueless. Plus: Rickards’ China gold prophecy unfolding in real-time Read More

Chinese Stocks Crater… Here's what You Should Do Now

China is a buy on the dips market until the dips don’t pop or we get the fireworks of a blow-off top. I’m not trying to oversimplify things–but buying the dips is the best way to handle a manic market like this one. Read More

Pants on Fire!

The mess the Fed made, continued: Still another IMF warning. Plus: Who will fire the next round in the currency wars? The answers could make or break you Read More