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Archive for February 2016

If He’s So Smart, Why Isn’t He Rich?

People don’t care about the Oscars, Oscar voters don’t care about The Big Short.
But there’s a lesson in the movie that’s worth a minimum $1,000 a month
Read More

“Inspecting Business Records” via SWAT Raid

Before you mouth off at your next city council meeting… Death in seven seconds — a cautionary tale of a small-business owner Shutting down school buses: The “mother of all financial bubbles” is back Lock in that March rate hike:… Read More

The Elites Are Worried

There’s no crisis? So why are the IMF and Citi wringing their hands? Plus: A job number the Pollyannas don’t want to tell you about. Read More

See No Crisis, Hear No Crisis, Speak No Crisis

“Crisis? What crisis? I don’t see any crisis here”. Plus, it’s not only manufacturing: services, housing falling apart. And: Stockman on the third bubble to collapse this century… Read More

Is the Trend Really Your Friend? Here's the Answer…

Some of the best trading opportunities we’ve seen in months are popping up in commodities right now. Today, Greg Guenthner shows you which opportunity to jump on for a lightning fast hit-and-run raid on the commodities market… Read More

Smart Beta and Steamrollers

Wall Street strategist frets his own creation might blow up. Plus: The wizards of Jane Street… 1998 hubris revisited? And the reality of ETFs: “If just one thing goes wrong, you get killed” Read More

Act Before the Panic

“Smart beta” ETFs and other buzzwords that will fuel the next market crisis: Six months after the Aug. 24 “flash crash”… will you be ready for the next one? Read More

The Doomsday Loop

Rule of thumb: When central bankers fret, you should panic. Plus… Why ETFs will add fuel to the next market meltdown: A case study Read More

Boomers’ Retirement: The Third and Final Blow

The greatest financial innovation of this century could blow up the boomers’ retirement for the last time: Stockman on a “giant oil slick” that will make the next crash even worse Read More

Central Banks Losing Control

Shocking humility from a central banker. Plus, gold: Because the experts don’t “see the next crisis coming” Read More