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Archive for August 2016

The Most Evil Move Yet in the War on Cash

A dystopian future world with two types of currency and one evil aim: freeing the hand of central bankers to fire the final volley in the War on Cash Read More

What Matters More Than Apple’s Tax Bill

Even Kafka couldn’t imagine Apple’s new tax bill. Plus: The highly profitable replacement for the iPhone’s headphone jack? Read More

September: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Breakthrough innovations amid a monetary disaster: Why we’re on the verge of the highest stakes since the Panic of 2008 Read More

One Stupid Speech and One Insane Chart

The ridiculous reason for a huge swing in the Dow. Plus: What happens when there’s a real reason for volatility? Read More

The Great Reset of 2016

If these are good economic numbers, what would bad ones look like? Plus: Like 2000 and 2008, the Fed magic doesn’t work anymore Read More

Wipeout Indicators

What happened a year ago today doesn’t matter… but what happened one day in May eight years ago could wipe you out Read More

The Calm Before the Stock Market Storm

The market feels “distorted and unnatural” because it IS distorted and unnatural. Plus: How the first presidential debate could “blindside” the market Read More

The Next $14 Billion Success Story

Patience pays off with a blockbuster biotech buyout. Meanwhile, what’s up with the nontech company that’s set up a Silicon Valley “incubator”? Read More

Watch out for the Three E’s

Earnings, the economy and the election: They’ll determine your financial fate this fall Read More

Cars Without Drivers and Bureaucrats Without Purpose

The backstory about Uber’s self-driving car you won’t see elsewhere: A CEO’s ultimate revenge on bureaucrats, and consumers are the winners Read More