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Archive for April 2017

The Soviet Union Comes to Oregon

The state of Oregon punishes a good Samaritan… and once again, GDP proves a disappointment…
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How Trump’s Tax Plan Could Totally Backfire

The Trump tax plan — like a half-assed term paper. Jim Rickards describes how it could blow up in the president’s face
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The 5 Turns 10

The 5 marks a round-number anniversary… and one revealing market measure just returned to decade-ago levels
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Is Trump Going After Your 401(k)?

“401(k) confiscation,” the next chapter: Top Trump adviser looks to nix 401(k) tax advantages
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Vive le Euro: Rickards’ French Election Takeaway

Trump-Obama-Romney-Sanders: A useful way to understand the French election. Plus: Is the euro really out of the woods after yesterday’s results?

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The 5 Gets Weird

The 5 explores an abundance of financial weirdness — like a $100,000 bong. Plus the terrorist attack that turns out to be a sick act of financial manipulation
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“Marijuana Has Gone Mainstream”

Drive-thru weed, the origins of 4/20 and marijuana going mainstream: Are you ready for a $50 billion-a-year juggernaut?
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Seven Weeks Past the Top

“They don’t ring a bell at the top”… but it appears David Stockman did! Plus, a strange economic indicator at all-time highs… and that’s not good
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Morning (In America) Is Broken

Wall Street’s Trump=Reagan illusion finally starts to shatter: Stockman on “the Everything Bubble” that’s about to burst Read More

The Recession of 2017—?

More not-so-great economic numbers: Recession dead ahead? Plus: Underlying rot in the post-election stock market rally Read More