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Archive for June 2017

Bitcoin Without Tears

Is this Bitcoin’s moment? Even if it’s not, here’s how you can profit. Plus, the amazing shrinking universe of stocks
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Hooray for “Excess Capital”

The bank “stress tests”: Grueling treadmill workout, or a stroll through the park? Also, party on before the crash: The case for bank stocks (again)
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The 5 and the Fed: Face to Face

Minneapolis Fed chief faces everyday Americans in his district… and your humble scribe asks one of Jim Rickards’ burning questions
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Something’s Smoldering in Pot Stocks

O Cannabis! Canada faces a weed shortage. Also: A peek inside our own Penny Pot Index (which is on the verge of a breakout)
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A Staggering Sum of Money, Daily

5.1 trillion per day in pointless money shuffling… and Wall Street takes a $477 billion skim: You should claim some for yourself
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How to Quadruple the Market’s Performance

Don’t miss the start of gold’s Kinetic Window today. Plus: How Kinetic Windows and K-Signs crush the S&P 500

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We Slay One of Wall Street’s Most Destructive Myths

Looking for “seasonality” in all the wrong places. Plus: What if earnings announcements and other “news” didn’t matter? Read More

Buy Gold This Friday (Here’s Why)

The most powerful buy-and-sell indicator ever… and how it’s identifying gold’s next entry point to the day. Plus: How to outperform buy-and-hold gold by 28% a year
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Tuning Out Politics and the Markets

Another tax-reform pledge: Yawn… stretch. Plus, a chart that gives the “Trump bump” new meaning

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Where Big Money Is Moving Now

Hmmm: Amazon rallies big… but it can’t reach those all-time highs. Plus: If money is “rotating” out of tech, where’s it going now?
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