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Archive for September 2017

Rickards Busts Two Gold Myths

The truth about “gold confiscation”… as Jim Rickards reveals the gold endgame in a special edition of The 5
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A “Financial H-Bomb”

Mellow markets overlook a true hair-on-fire moment: How the U.S. Treasury unleashed a “financial H-bomb” this week
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Attack of the Passive Robots

Here’s what will trigger “the next catastrophic stock market meltdown” — how “robo advisers” and “passive investing” are inviting disaster
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The Demise of the Dollar Accelerates

Trump’s Treasury secretary issues massive threat to China: Here’s how China might respond (Got gold?) Read More

Another Blip On Crypto’s Radar

Mainstream media (over)reacts to bitcoin’s slump. Plus, the Chinese ban on ICOs: A blip on crypto’s radar
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Remember When There Was No App Store?

Someone’s about to get fired at Apple… if they’re ever caught. Plus… the “huge thing” Apple’s CEO promised last month (not a new iPhone)
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Silicon Valley’s Next Big Leap

Someone just made big money off an iPhone rumor…but you can make bigger money off the new tech under the iPhone hood
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Apple’s $7 Trillion Gambit

iPhone predictions abound… and we couldn’t care less. Plus: Gold leaps to near 12-month highs… but wait till you see what “Trump’s Fed” has in store Read More

Apple: Safer Than Uncle Sam?

Apple bonds become a “safe haven” for investors… but you can make a fortune when Apple “kills” the iPhone
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Gold’s New 2017 High (and There’s Still Time to Get In)

25-year trading veteran describes why politics don’t matter… but wait till you see his gold target! Read More