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Archive for October 2017

Blockchain Blockheads

Bitcoin tops $6,000 — er, now $6,400. Does crypto need to slow its roll? Plus: Banks start to raise rates on deposits (hold your applause) Read More

Making Peace With Absurdity

Markets at “absurd” highs… but do you really want to bet that a return to “sanity” is imminent? Plus: Rickards on why 97.2% of bets in this one market are wrong
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Marijuana Milestone

Republicans for reefer: Stunning new pot poll. Plus, a Canadian cannabis crackdown: Winners and losers Read More

The Truth About “Tax Reform”

“NO change to your 401(k)” — uhh, never mind. Plus, the “Dow 36,000” dude blurts out tax-cut truth
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Red Metal, Red Nation, Red-Faced Investors

The great copper comeback of 2017. Plus, China’s “palace intrigue” distracts from impending economic disaster Read More

Trump’s Presidency Rides on the Next 10 Days

If Donald Trump doesn’t make the right choice for Fed chairman, he risks becoming the first one-term president in a generation. Read More

A Tax Break That Works

No 401(k) changes, Mr. President? Is that your final answer? Plus, the only certain thing about “tax reform” Read More

Crypto Terminator Cyborgs!

Where there’s a will there’s a way: Workarounds for China’s crypto crackdown. Plus, regulation, shmegulation — bitcoin touches another all-time high
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That Wasn’t So Bad, Was It?

What the MSM won’t tell you about the Black Monday anniversary. Plus: “Pass these tax cuts or the stock market gets it!”
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The Trigger for the Next Stock Shock

Chinese commie confab underway… … clearing the decks for a new yuan devaluation Who needs a 5% pullback for the next leg of the 2017 stock rally? Bitcoin slumps thanks to new regulation talk Is your state ready for the… Read More