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Archive for March 2018

The SEC Warms up to Crypto ETFs?

The big story of 2017 — crypto — becomes the big opportunity of 2018. Read More

The Ultimate Hedge Fund Secret

The financial tool so powerful the feds investigate it: More secrets of the hedge funds, spilled today Read More

Hedge Fund Secrets Revealed (“They” Don’t Want You to Know This)

Zach Scheidt helps pull back the veil on some of the hedge fund industry’s biggest secrets. Be forewarned: Some of this will make you mad. Read More

Wage Earners vs. Dividend Payers

No, inflation isn’t heating up after all… and it’s good for stocks. Plus, what trade war? Read More

The Quest for Next-Gen Cryptos

Jim Rickards developed the analytics — the C.O.I.N.N. system — to distinguish between dead-end and second-generation cryptos that have extraordinary potential. Read More

Another Trade-War Selloff? Really?

Key numbers project “robust” growth for rest of 2018… and the stock market’s selling off hard. What’s more, the market is still underestimating a trade war’s impact. Read More

Facebook, the Fed and French bureaucracy

Facebook’s slide: It’s rubbing off on other tech stocks. Plus, the Fed’s choice: Keep punishing savers or choke off the recovery? Read More

It Was 10 Years Ago…

Stocks stabilize after Facebook freakout: Now what? Plus: Fed meeting this week, and it’s nothing like 10 years ago Read More

New Crypto Crackdown: A Welcome Development

Why Google’s crypto crackdown is a good thing — for crypto. Plus: Trump adviser disses gold: a screaming buy signal? Read More

How to Trade After Hours

Tim Sykes teaches everyday investors how to trade like Wall Street insiders… after the closing bell at the NYSE. Read More