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Archive for September 2019

Startup Riches, Now Available to the Masses

Original Shark Tank “shark” Kevin Harrington is embarking on his biggest project yet — helping make lucrative startup opportunities available to everyday Americans like you, long before they go public. Read More

Screening for Startup Magic

“I’ve heard over 50,000 product or company pitches in my life,” says Kevin Harrington, Agora’s newest contributor and original “shark” from TV show Shark Tank. Here are his four criteria for investing… Read More

The Next Housing Bust

Robert Kiyosaki — who accurately predicted the 2008 financial meltdown — knows for every boom, there’s a bust. Here’s how to get your financial house in order… Read More

Biggest Oil Story (No One’s Talking About)

“I am legitimately concerned by how few people are paying attention to this story,” Zach says. “The price of everything you buy could take off.” Read More

Pot’s Hype Cycle (You Are Here)

“It’s no secret the entire [marijuana] sector is struggling,” says our pot stock authority Ray Blanco, “and more pain could be ahead.” What’s the upside to pot’s downside? Read More

One Size Fits All=Cash

“The covered call strategy is not for the uneducated,” says Robert Kiyosaki. “But once you get it, it’s very exciting!” Read More

Return to the Rigged Casino

Introducing an expert who knows the market is a “rigged casino” after a finance career spanning nearly 40 years Read More

The Fed Behind the Curtain

Another day, another emergency stopgap from the Federal Reserve… and the central bank has more on the line than keeping financial gears turning. Read More

“Not Systemically Threatening”

The Federal Reserve just came *this* close to losing control of short-term interest rates. And yes, that’s as scary as it sounds. Read More

Who Just Drove Oil Prices up 10%?

Amid competing claims and counterclaims in the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, there are three realities it seems no one wants to talk about. Read More