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Archive for March 2020

Lost Gold

“Absent an assured supply of refined metal,” says mining expert Byron King, “the question is whether there will be enough gold in New York to deliver against futures contracts…” Read More


The speed with which everything is happening — the crisis-must-act-now atmosphere — is taking your editor to a very uncomfortable place this morning. Read More

Power Grab

We posit this simple maxim: Governments and institutions inevitably fail us while a crisis is building. Read More

TrumpBux Trigger

This is how it always goes during a crisis — no time for deliberation, consideration, a deep breath. It’s act, act, ACT! NOW!! Read More

Moving Target

Our macro authority Jim Rickards says: “The global financial crisis of 2008 and the dot-com collapse of 2000 do not adequately describe what is happening today.” Read More

Got Gold?

There’s volatility… and then there’s gold volatility — made much worse by the disconnect between “paper gold” and the real thing. Read More

Financial Responsibility

Why is it so hard for individual Americans to engage in “financial responsibility”? Read More

“Essential Medicine”

“Cannabis stocks have a lot more in common with companies in recession-resistant industries like health care, tobacco and alcoholic beverages than most investors realize,” says Ray Blanco. Read More

Yes, It’s a Financial Crisis

We’ve been warning about the unintended consequences of new rules governing money market funds since 2012. Now they’re here. Read More

6 Years to $11K Gold

“Gold is in its third great bull market in history,” says Jim Rickards. “To reach that conclusion, one has only to look at the two prior bull markets.” Read More