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Archive for April 2020

Too Scared to Spend

Uncle Sam’s spend-a-palooza to date isn’t enough, according to Fed chairman Jerome Powell. Even the $1,200 federal stimulus check has backfired… Read More

[REVISED] Gold Outlook

Bank of America raises 18-month guidance to gold $3,000 — all because The Fed Can’t Print Gold. Read More

The Most Dangerous Word in Investing

It’s days like today we’re reminded the most dangerous word in investing is “should.” Here’s why. Read More

Meat Mystery

If you’re a do-gooder world improver, there’s no time like the present for you and your kind to reorder society in a way that’s more to your liking… Next up, meat? Read More

Gold Plays Hard to Get

“Despite the solid price gains achieved by gold in the past two years,” says John Hathaway of Sprott Inc., “there is much more upside to come.” Read More

Lost Liberty [SHOCKING Poll Results]

The 5 takes a steely-eyed look at the trials and travails of American civil liberties in a post-coronavirus world — a world in which even the U.S. Constitution is up for grabs. Read More

China Blame Game

A prestige media outlet jumps on the blame-China bandwagon… and they’re in good company. Read More

Oil, Oil Everywhere

The globe — especially the United States — is awash in crude, with demand next to nil… and prices next to nil. When will oil “reset”? Read More

If You Don’t NEED Your $1,200…

Zach Scheidt says the government wants you to spend stimulus cash on frivolous purchases. How about safe dividend stocks with growth potential instead? Read More

Throw the Bums Out

By outsourcing critical decisions on who gets bailout money, Congress punted on its most fundamental obligation to the people. Read More