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Archive for February 2017

Politics (Eek), the Media (Ugh) and Gold (Yeah!)

Did gold really fall because of nerves over Trump’s speech? Plus: Rickards on Trump, the dollar and gold Read More

Time To Take Out “Crash Insurance”

Buffett bracing for once-every-decade market chaos… and here’s how you can follow his lead. Read More

“Papers, Please”: Rinse and Repeat

Now you have to show ID at the END of a flight? Plus, the evolution of the Constitution-Free Zone: Updating our 2012 revelations Read More

Now Comes the “Trump Slump”

All talk, no action: Market starts to see through the tax-cut talk. Plus, David Stockman on why Trump can’t repeat the “Reagan revolution” Read More

The Housing Crisis of 2017 [Not What You Think]

Ten years on, The 5 marks a notorious anniversary in the annals of economic crises. Plus, 14 showings in a day: Too many houses then, too few now

Read More

Greedy State Governments’ Money Grab

Marijuana legalization’s next phase: Voters hand baton to lawmakers. Plus, the $3.4 trillion reason the legalization wave will continue Read More

Why America Is “Losing”

We’re No. 4 No. 11 No. 17! Plus: Swamp water refills quickly at the Pentagon. And: Rickards’ dire China outlook affirmed from unlikely quarters Read More

Did Trump Seal His Fate With This Tweet?

President gets ahead of himself on stock rally and tax cuts. Plus: T-minus 28 days till the debt ceiling debacle. And: Dems threaten default if they don’t get a Watergate-style Russia investigation Read More

The Biggest Threat to Legal Marijuana

From menswear to marijuana: George Zimmer’s new phase. Plus: A gut-check on whether Jeff Sessions will destroy the pot industry Read More

A Bigger High From Marijuana Investing

A $1 billion business in two states, but “penny pot stocks” have a problem. We show you how to turn it to your advantage! Read More