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Archive for July 2017

The Biggest Pile of Cash

While the mainstream obsesses over iPhone sales, the Apple story of the decade might be about to break Read More

Growth At Any Cost

Wall Street is shocked — shocked! — by Amazon sacrificing profits to growth. But there’s a problem with Amazon’s profits… and the feds are on the case
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Richest Person, Biggest Target

The world’s new richest man: Same fate as the old one? Plus: The truth about “taxing the rich,” no matter who’s pushing it Read More

The World’s Most Pointless Investment

Options on Bitcoin: What’s the point? Plus: Why silver is destined to outperform gold. And: Recession indicator sinks near danger zone Read More

Bitcoin Made Easy

Stock market volatility at another record low… while Bitcoin is up, down, all around. Today, a crash course in cryptocurrencies (including the most lucrative ones)
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Someone Knows Something

“Big 5” stocks resurrected after Goldman’s “kiss of death” No deregulation for you: Trump FTC has its eye on Amazon Three years on, how OPEC’s grand plans collapsed in a heap Lemonade stand snitch: Why would anyone do this? Crude… Read More

Pot, Pensions and Payment Plans

“Breathtaking” growth in the pot pioneer state. Plus: The looming pension crisis at S&P 500 companies, and the already-here pension crisis for 1 million retirees Read More

Wars and Rumors of Wars

China trade talks break down. Trade war is next… and then a shooting war Read More

The 76% Retirement Debacle

No, you can’t depend on Corporate America for your retirement. Plus: Knuckman’s top three trading tips (No. 3 makes it all worthwhile)
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Case Study of a “Marked” Stock

The Netflix story the mainstream isn’t covering: Why NFLX is the biggest “buyout bait” ever Read More