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Archive for February 2018

The End of Health Care as We Know It

The only good thing about Obamacare… and the Republicans just undid it. Plus, why the health care system is destined to crack up by 2030 Read More

Here Comes the Great Pension Bailout

The country’s biggest pension plan can pay for only 71% of its promises: Is a federal bailout of “critical and declining” pensions on the way? Read More

After the Panic

Dow 30,000? Why Knuckman says it’s totally reasonable… especially when the numbers point to a late-stage boom Read More

Wall Street’s Alarmingly Bearish Bet

Introducing the pizza boy who developed a lucrative moneymaking strategy: Along the way, he discovered the truth about brokerages. Plus, Options trades predict 59% drop in the S&P 500 (and why you shouldn’t worry) Read More

The Fed’s “Faustian” Bargain

Fed induces euphoria, then despair… and it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, there’s a development at the Fed that really matters (and the MSM are ignoring it) Read More

Big Egos, Big Buildings… Big Crash?

10 years later: Bear Stearns’ downfall revisited. And wait till you hear what just happened today… Read More

“The New Era of Volatility” — Live It, Love It

Volatility: It’s back today (Say it ain’t so!). But The 5 poses the question: Is the ‘new era of volatility’ such a bad thing? Read More

Without Your Knowledge or Consent

Digital hijackers hope to use your phone to mine crypto. Plus: if stocks resume their slide, when will the Fed change course? Read More

Goldilocks’ Balancing Act

Zach Scheidt shows how to balance your portfolio trading options…and leaving room for market pullbacks. Read More

The Crypto Spillover Effect

A timely update on the state of the crypto markets from our newest contributor, the “Alpha Shark” Read More