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Archive for June 2019

A Hacker-Free Future (Closer Than You Think)

Our main topic is the pitiful state of cybersecurity… and a near future when you and I can go about our business online without giving a second thought to hackers, phishers and other digital miscreants. Read More

Facebook-Google: Fight the Power!

The Google era — indeed the entire model of so-called free products and services — “is coming to an end,” declares George Gilder Read More

The Internet: More Fragile Than You Think

George Gilder sees a crying need for an “information revolution” for “a complete upheaval of the entire foundations of the internet.” Read More

Blacklisted Company Bursts Tech Bubble?

George Gilder believes the failure of Chinese tech company Huawei would be Trump’s “incredible mistake.” Read More

AI’s Future (Robot Overlords Not Included)

Futurist George Gilder’s been one of the first to predict such iconoclastic developments as the personal computer, smartphone and the internet. Now he calls AI the second Industrial Revolution. Read More

Is It Really “Too Late to Be Bullish”?

For 18 months we’ve been pointing out we’re in the late boom phase of the boom-bust cycle. The beginning of the end, as it were. So where are we now? Is this the end of the end? Or at least the middle? Read More

Gold Resurrected

In short, the Fed said all the right things — if the objective is to prop up financial assets. Read More

“Weak In the Knees”

“Weak in the knees” might sound odd with the S&P 500 only 1% below its record close on May 3… but if the Fed does make its move today, there’s precedent. Read More

Does Trump Really Need a Trade War “Win”?

We’re just not sure either side in the U.S.-China trade war has an incentive to reach agreement. Read More

June Swoon

We’re getting an early read this morning on how the economy is doing so far in June. So far, not so good. Read More