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Archive for July 2019

You and Me, We’re Just Their Guinea Pigs

The Fed — and the globe’s other major central banks — have engaged in one unprecedented experiment after another since 2008, using each of us as monetary guinea pigs. Read More

420 U

Ivy League school offers cannabis course and less expensive options offer weed degrees. Read More

The Wolf Arrives Wednesday

With the S&P 500 and Nasdaq notching all-time highs on Friday, Fed chairman Jerome Powell is petrified of a bear market. He’ll do everything in his power to prevent it. Read More

Video Games, Anyone?

It’s a sports tournament you’ve likely never heard of… and the winner collects a prize bigger than the one earned by the champions at Wimbledon earlier this month. Read More

Pension Bailout: The Next Chapter

State pensions and broken promises. Read More

The Fix Is In (“Spygate”)

In the same way liberals looked to Mueller as a savior figure who would deliver us from Trump, conservatives look to Barr as the guy who will take down the deep state once and for all. They will be disappointed. Read More

Big Pharma Wants Pot Pharma

Canopy Growth: FIRING on all cylinders. Read More


Unless the media can frame a problem in a way that fuels the tribal partisan loyalties of readers and viewers, it basically doesn’t exist. Read More

Legal Pot, Minimum Wage: Unintended Consequences

Historic marijuana bill passes through the House Read More

Look Who’s Talking Up Gold Now

Ray Dalio’s case for gold comes down to this: We’re more than a decade beyond the Panic of 2008, and the rules of the investing game are changing radically. Read More