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Archive for October 2019

After Halloween, a Real Market Scare

“The week of Nov. 16–22 promises to be the most dangerous period for investors since the 2008 global financial crisis,” says our macro guru Jim Rickards. Read More

Don’t Settle for Less

“Your financial adviser may tell you that with interest rates lower, you need to settle for less retirement income,” says our income maven Zach Scheidt. “Well, your financial adviser is wrong!” Read More

No Emotions Allowed

“I keep emotion out of every trade decision I make,” says a trading guru who’s collected $3.7 million in five years. Read More

Dark Side of Social Security COLAs

Our retirement specialist Beau Henderson says: “You should… check to see if COLAs will be enough to make your Social Security payouts taxable.” Read More

“Deplorables” by Any Other Name

It comes down to this question: Do the individuals and businesses in your state send more money in taxes to Washington than the state gets back? Read More

Best of Both Worlds

“A [little-used] class of investments… gives investors a way to lock in reliable income while still having a shot at big investment gains,” says our income specialist Zach Scheidt. Read More

Uber and the Fed’s Fakery

The entire Uberized “gig economy” is built on a foundation of sand. Read More

Where’s the Outrage?

We’re stuck with the same questions we’ve posed before: Who’s benefiting from the repo rescue? And why do they need the money? Read More

Surviving Social Security

“Survivor benefits are probably the most important aspect of Social Security that you don’t want to think about,” says our retirement specialist Beau Henderson. Read More

“Isn’t That Weird?”

From the MSM, a nonstop parade of “weird” stories are a constant distraction from our own country’s experience. What’s weirder? How about massive market manipulation based on… Trump’s tweets? Read More