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Archive for January 2020

More Broken Retirement Promises

So Congress and the White House killed the “stretch IRA.” What will they kill next? Read More

Cannabis-Derived Antibiotic (30-Year Wait Is Over?)

“We really need new antibiotics,” Ray Blanco said in 2017. Now a new study shows promising results… from an improbable source. Read More

Trillions and Trillions

The return of $1 trillion deficits, and no one cares And yes, deficits do matter — for these two reasons Repo madness: A crisis of confidence in Uncle Sam? Viral scare recedes, but negative-rate debt surges Sports banter in the… Read More

Battle Inside the Deep State

So… one arm of the government wants to limit sales to Huawei on the grounds of national security, while another arm of the government wants to keep those sales going… on the grounds of national security. Read More

Viral Sell-Off

“Wall Street easily catches something much more infectious than the coronavirus,” ventures our income specialist Zach Scheidt: “Fear.” Read More

Global Elites’ Pecking Order [Leaked Document]

For one week every January, the small town of Davos, Switzerland, is overrun by a couple thousand global elites… and some one-percenters are “more equal than others.” Read More

The Bull Market Isn’t Over, But…

“Some of the research I’m starting to read is showing a bit of concern about how expensive stocks are,” warns our income specialist Zach Scheidt. Read More

Is Apple the New Procter & Gamble?

“You probably have more silicon in your house than cleaning products,” says our science-and-wealth maven Ray Blanco. “So I ask, are computer chips or Clorox products more of a consumer staple?” Read More

Wealth and Power (and 2020 Redistricting)

As the redistribution of the U.S. population shifts political power, it also shifts economic power… And is the SALT deduction cap partially responsible? Read More

Detroit Goes Silicon Valley

Zach Scheidt goes to the premier technology-industry extravaganza, the Consumer Electronics Show… and comes away liking Detroit’s Big Three automakers the best. Read More