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Archive for June 2014

You Might Be a Conspiracy Theorist

In which The 5 ventures into conspiracy theory: Skeptical inquiry into events of 1963 yields a stunning wealth insight Read More

When Skeptics Go Broke

How the current conflict in Iraq is “all about oil”. Plus, America’s shale bounty: Skeptics don’t know what they’re missing Read More

Gold: When History Rhymes

Gold $2,300? The powerful factors lining up (however slowly). Plus… Reversion to the mean: Frank Holmes with a heartening gold chart Read More

Look Out for that Ultralight!

Wall Street Journal wrings hands over oil exports and “ultralight” crude: Our energy team sets the record straight. Plus, the amazing shrinking U.S. economy: Official numbers tell only half the story Read More

The “Skills” That Matter in the 21st Century

Champion of the entrepreneur? Or poster boy for corporatism? Plus, the scary thing about “where the jobs are” in the 21st century Read More

The Return of a “Hero in Error”

The man who would be prime minister? Plus: The only reason U.S. troops aren’t going back to Iraq… and how to invest accordingly Read More

Be a Budget Venture Capitalist

Dancing candy mascots rip the face off IPO investors. Plus: How to invest in an IPO before it goes public (it’s really possible) Read More

America’s Shale Boom “Canceled”

A Babylonian mind-bender: How all-out war in Iraq could negate America’s oil boom Read More

Wealth In the Eye of the Beholder

How do you define “rich”? That depends on… Plus: Iraqi oil stranded, Canadian oil headed to China Read More

From Baghdad to the Baby Bakken

You read it here first: Iraq’s future oil bounty is toast. Plus… Fortunately, we have fracking: And we have a new way to play it Read More