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Archive for August 2017

Hedge Funds Pile Into Initial Coin Offerings

It was inevitable: Here come the crypto hedge funds Uber IPO: What if the company is really a zero? Gold perks up on weak inflation (you read that right) Will Buffett change his tune with the latest Wells Fargo fiasco?… Read More

A Sticky Moment for Crypto

The market that soared from $18 billion to $164 billion in 8 months… Read More

Gold Goes Big AND Goes Home!

Gold busts through a major round-number barrier. Plus: 63% gold gains in 84 minutes: It happened yesterday Read More

Ben Bernanke, Cryptocurrency Expert (What?!)

Bernanke collects big bucks to opine about crypto. Plus: The early-mover advantage in crypto, happening today
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Crypto Soars Above $150 Billion

Crypto is “ready to rumble” as a viable asset. Plus, a country launches its own crypto coin… and why not? Read More

Forget Startups, Here’s Where the Big Money Is Going

Three signs that crypto is rapidly going mainstream. Plus, volatility retreats again… but for how long? Read More

Bitcoin in One (Condensed) Lesson

Your most burning questions about cryptocurrencies, answered: How to buy cryptocurrencies… how crypto started — and who started it… which cryptocurrency is the most “legit”… how big banks are nosing around in crypto… and how crypto is more resilient than your bank in case of the zombie apocalypse!
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Crypto As a Safety Play (For Real)

Cryptocurrencies as a “safe haven” — The 5 examines gold vs. bitcoin during four market shocks this year
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Gold Will Not Be Eclipsed!

Does gold ownership amount to “Russian collusion”? Plus: Why you shouldn’t buy your gold from Amazon Read More

“A Threatening Enemy To Be Vanquished”

Literally no one knows why the market fell yesterday… but here’s why we won’t be surprised if it falls some more
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